Selected Publications

M. Marx and D. Hsu. “Dynamic Commercialization Strategies for Disruptive Technologies.” Management Science (forthcoming).

M. Marx, J. Singh, and L. Fleming, “Regional Disadvantage: Does Non-compete Enforcement Create a ‘Brain Drain’?” Research Policy (forthcoming). 

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L. Fleming and M. Marx, “Managing Inventive Creativity in Small Worlds.” California Management Review 48(4):6-27. Winner of the Accenture Award for Contribution to Management Practice. (2007) 

C. Christensen, M. Marx, and H. Stevenson. “The Tools of Cooperation and Change.” Harvard Business Review 84(10).  (2006)



Working papers

K. Younge and M. Marx, “The Value of Employee Retention: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.” (under review) 

M. Marx and B. Timmermans, 2013. “Co-mobility.”  (under review)

M. Marx and A. Kacperczyk, 2013. “Revisiting the Small-Firm Effect on Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Dissolutions.” (under review) 

M. Marx, T. Botelho, and D. Kim, 2013. “On a Tight Leash? Venture Capital Staging and Strategic Flexibility.”  

M. Marx and D. Hsu, 2013. “Strategic “switchbacks”: dynamic commercialization strategies for technology entrepreneurs.”

M. Ewens and M. Marx, 2013. “Night of the Living Dead? Executive Replacement in Venture-Backed Startups.”