Matt Marx

Mitsui Career Development Professor of Entrepreneurship
Associate Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management
MIT Sloan School of Management

100 Main Street, E62-478
Cambridge, MA 02142

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My years as an engineer and an executive in startup companies yielded a deep interest in the emergence and evolution of new organizations. Those experiences also have informed my understanding of key issues that affect early-stage companies and technical workers. In my multi-faceted research on startups I employ both econometric methods and fieldwork to analyze how ventures assemble and deploy resources. My dissertation explores the role of employee non-compete agreements in the ability of organizations to acquire talent and has been cited by Governor Patrick’s office as influencing their decision to support non-compete reform in Massachusetts. In more recent work, I have built a dataset covering the speech recognition industry since its inception in 1952 in order to understand how entrants formulate technical commercialization strategies and the impact of these choices on performance.